Young at Heart

Over the years, the leadership of Bethel Worship Center has felt a need for the involvement and active participation of all age groups.  Under their trusted guidance, several ministering groups were formed.  This included a group targeting the 55 and over age group. In 1999, after prayerful consideration, Pastor and Mrs. Melvin Sapp took on the challenge of launching this effort.  It was at this point that the term Young at Heart was coined and the group started.  Since then, Pastor Sapp has went on to be with the Lord; but the group continues to press on with their mission in mind.

Due to the natural aging process, many of us find ourselves joining this age group.  Also, we welcome in new church members of this age group.  The mission of the Young at Heart is to teach and nurture the young, fellowship within the body, and serve those in need.  All are welcome to join as we press towards these goals, while “serving the Lord with gladness.”